A series designation defines the mating interface characteristics of a group of connectors. Although specific connectors within a series can differ greatly in body size, features, and performance, any plugs within a given series can be mated with any jack in that series. Sub-variants of some series (for example, 70 or 75 ohm versions of a 50-ohm series) may or may not be intermateable with the standard types--see the specifications for each series for more information.
A series designation also indicates electrical performance to some degree; the configuration of a specific connector may have an effect on performance. For example, right-angle connectors tyically exhibit higher VSRW than straight connectors.
A series designation generally also defines the materials of a connector, although the materials used may change based on performance requirements. For example, N or TNC connectors (which usually have brass bodies) may be produced in stainless steel for enhanced mechanical or electrical performance. Such material variations are noted in the product pages of our catalog.
Your choice of which series of connectors is best for your application will depend on a number of factors, and their relative importance in your project. Among these factors are: cost, performance (both mechanical and electrical), size, weight, mating action, and compatibility or connectability with existing products. If you have any questions about which connector series is best for you, please call us.
Many RF coaxial connector series interfaces are defined by U.S. military standards, most notably MIL-STD-348. Other series may be defined by European military or commercial standards. Delta connectors are always made to conform with military or other governing standards, whether the application is military or commercial.
Our connector size comparison chart shows the plug and jack configuration in each of our standard series in actual size.
See a listing of connector series by frequency range.
See a listing of standard connector series and links to more information on each.

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