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Mil-Spec & QPL Products

Military  Products

Delta's Mil-Spec and QPL Products

We now have over 200 connectors and adapters qualified to MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-PRF-55339, in series BNC, N, SMA and TNC.

Our MIL products brochure contains complete specifications and drawings for all our M39012 connectors and M55339 adapters.

Delta continues to build its military interconnect portfolio and is capable of qualifying new QPL’s to support obsolescence, shortfall and sole source print position. Reach out to one of our team members about any QPL product not currently available in our line-up. Click on the image of the catalog to download a copy of the brochure in PDF format. We also manufacture a wide range of military connectors with older CW-, MX-, and UG-nomenclature. To see a copy of our Mil-spec catalog please click on the catalog below.



Delta Products By Size


You will find that Delta provides connector solutions that cover all size ranges within the frequency/band spectrum from DC-65 GHz and beyond and VHF to Millimeter Wave.
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Delta Product Information

MC Card
SMA 26.5
SMA 27.0
SMK 2.92
Twinax BNC

Large, Medium & Miniature Connectors


Subminiature & Microminiature Connectors




Delta Adapters

In addition to a wide variety of adapters within each connector series, we offer one of the industry's most complete lines of adapters between series. All except SMA adapters are available with silver, nickel, or Albaloy body plating. Many of these adapters feature panel or bulkhead mounting for transitioning from internal device cabling to other series used to connect the unit to other devices or cable assemblies. We have a wide range of adapters qualified to MIL-A-55339 .


Our Purpose

The products we make keep people safe, connected, and informed every day, in every type of environment. Knowing that our work makes a difference to people in mission-critical situations around the world gives Delta a strong sense of purpose and pride that translates into exceptional customer service and ingenuity.



Welcome our new and smallest member of our SMPM family, the Mini-SMPM.
MINI SMPM Connectors DC-18 GHz (Economical Line) DC - 65 GHz (High Frequency Line).


Similar in functionality to the SMPM series, the MINI-SMPM series is 30% smaller than the SMPM series. While the Mini-SMPM construction allows for higher frequencies up to 65 GHz, Delta recognized applications where low interface board-board interconnects were in demand typically did not range above 18 GHz. For this reason Delta has developed 2 lines – The Economical Line (E-Line) and HF Line of Mini-SMPM. For higher frequency applications ranging above 40 GHz, tightly tolerance components and extreme handling and processing is required. The end result is a higher manufacturing cost.

The Mini-SMPM series has a center to center mounting spacing of .078 of an inch and a minimum board to board spacing of .125” when utilizing its smallest bullet adapter (.098”) and shrouds (.015 board to reference plane). Board mounts are supplied in numerous configurations – surface mount, thru mount and edge mount and bullets lengths range from .098 to .500” in length for the standard product offerings. Contact Delta today with your design requirements and our engineering team will offer you to most cost effective solution. For more information click here.

Products By Frequency

Delta offers a full range of interconnect products from DC – 65 GHz and beyond. Please see our chart below for the frequencies of some of our most popular products.


Customized Products

Delta offers a full range of customizable services.

We encourage our customers to take the same white-board approach to their design considerations as we use. Whether it’s an upfront design, a product update, performance enhancements, or fixing any irregularities, you can rely on Delta to adapt and offer solutions and specialized services. From modified dielectrics and pin lengths, to material and plating specifications, Delta works closely with our customers to fully, or partially, customize products and solutions. Our specialized services include passive intermodulation (PIM) optimization, as well as customization for medical, space or harsh environments. When customer requirements call for enhanced electrical and mechanical performance requirements, Delta delivers the difference.
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