Renewable energy and nuclear power. Automation, & robotics. Delta empowers innovation through creativity. Allow us to innovate with you.



Data collection and sensory systems are key diagnostics used in further development of our maximization and growth of our energy milestones. From renewables such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy to nuclear power, these systems can utilize RF devices to manage their functionality.


Motion Control

Our products can be found within the Photonics industry, automated PC test and special measurement devices, robotic detection control systems, diffusion and special handling. Special machine tools and automated assembly configuration all require remote accessibility and command.



Automation is manufacturing today and beyond, but has taken on new meaning with the IoT (Internet of Things). We are preparing for intuitive growth from wearables and sensory data devices to the infrastructure of machines, security, audio and visual all relative RF Microwave and Millimeter Wave technologies that innovate. Collaborate with one of our engineers today.


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