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High Performance IEM Interconnects

“The MMCX interface has been accepted as the interface for a variety of IEM interconnects. Our Fidelity+ series of products has kept the MMCX interface, but addressed the concerns of the experienced performer and listener. Gone are the intermittent issues and poor overall connections. Delta’s Fidelity+ is the new industry benchmark.”

Fidelity+ provides a connection system with its focus on the consumer experience. Our IEM product design innovations have been created to support the rigors of the user and the environment. “Flex with Integrity” into tomorrow. With Delta’s performance enhanced custom IEM designs, innovators will enjoy reliable engineered connection solutions that contribute to signal clarity, with repeatability.

Fidelity+ - Proven Market Leader

• Over 8 million connections in use today - count on Delta’s design and manufacturing experience to provide the most reliable IEM interconnect solution.

• Eliminates industry-wide intermittency issues, by tightly controlling critical interface dimensions and by providing our exclusive IEM grounding feature.

• Provides a 360 degree rotatable connection, preventing wire kinking and increasing durability.

• Available with gold or nickel plated body designs.

• Accommodates cable diameters ranging from .070” to .120”.

• Optimal performance using Delta male and female Fidelity+ connectors. Don’t just settle for another industry standard MMCX – Choose Fidelity+.


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We support some of the world’s leading manufacturers of IEM {In-Ear Monitors}, and audio electronics, with an award-winning product portfolio that puts professional-grade audio products into the hands of Top 40 musicians, performers, system designers, and content creators at all levels of experience, and in a wide variety of applications.


The weakest link in any In-Ear Monitor is the cable and the interconnect used to carry the audio signal from the source to the ear piece drivers. Consumer wear and inferior connections can eventually lead to discontinuity, resulting in signal degradation and or complete failure. Since performance and reliability are of paramount importance, our customers looked to Delta to provide a long-term solution.


Delta's dedicated Engineering & Sales Support teams worked collaboratively, listening to our customers’ challenges. Delta designed and integrated a connectorized solution that would deliver signal clarity in extreme conditions, with repeatability, functional stability, fidelity clairity, and longevity the final result.


Our customers launched their In-Ear Monitors featuring Delta’s Fidelity+ interconnects to industry acclaim, and their IEM’s have quickly become the industry benchmark in performance and reliability. The Delta team is proud to have played such a key role in our customers’ product innovation. We look forward to partnering with your company on future interconnect challenges


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500 mates without mechanical degradation / electrical intermittency.


Rotational Durability:

5000 rotations - 360º turns without mechanical degradation / electrical intermittency


Contact Captivation:

– Axial – 4 lbs min. / Radial 1.5 in-oz min.


Insertion Force:

4 – 6 lbs typical / 3 lbs min - 8 lbs max.


Withdrawal Force:

4 – 6 lbs typical / 3 lbs min - 8 lbs max.



Salt Fog:

per MIL-STD-810G, Method 509.5 Procedure I

- No evidence of corrosion / intermittency.


Temperature Range:

-45 to +165ºC


Moisture Resistance:

Per MIL-STD-202, Method 106


IEM Cover

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