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Electroplating Made Easy.

Delta Electronics has solved the "mystery" of electro-deposition plating. We offer plating contracted services at our USA facility, utilizing fully computer controlled lines, consisting of automated rack and barrel plating processes. The attention to science and automation has taken the "black-art" of plating out of the equation.   Having our own plating line "in-house", yields high quality, low costs, and reduced lead times. We encourage current and potential customers to tour our facility.This high-end plating operation is in our AS9100/ISO9001 certified facility. The facility has been approved by our commercial customer base as well as the strictest of Military agencies. We are listed on both Lockheed Martin's and Raytheon's supplier portals, as a certified electroplater.   Click on the image on the left to view our new Plating Brochure and then choose save from the file menu to save it to your desktop.











Delta's In-House Electroplating Department


Delta is proud to offer a state-of-the-art automated electroplating facility. Our fully-automated, robotically controlled line has analytical measuring hardware and software at each stage for real time monitoring and adjustment of plating parameters.


    •     Albaloy Plating

    •     Bright Copper Dip

    •     Copper Plating

    •     Gold Plating

    •     Nickel Plating

    •     Passivate Silver Plating

    •     Silver Plating

    •     Sulfamate Nickel Plating



Delta offers Silver plate per military standards or nickel when corrosion resistance is preferred. For applications where nickel can produce intermodulation distortion, we offer optional Albaloy plating. A tin / zinc / copper composite with a bright white finish, the corrosion resistance of nickel, and the low intermodulation distortion of silver plating. Albaloy plating has the same composition as, and is fully compatible with, other commercial plating’s designated Sucoplate, IP-23, White Bronze, and Tri-Alloy.

US Headquarters

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.

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PO Box 53

Beverly, MA 01915

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China Headquarters

Delta Microwave Electronics

(Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

No. 15 Ming Rui Road

Nanjing 211151, China

Phone: +86 25 84195408

Fax: +86 25 84195407



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