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Delta Cable Assembly Solutions


We've been making world-class RF, microwave and millimeter-wave connectors for over 60 years, so we know performance. Let Delta take full responsibility from tip to tip. Whether in our Beverly shop or our global manufacturing facilities, we have the capability and capacity to offer cable assemblies supporting your performance requirements. Streamline internal resources and focus efforts on your core competences while allowing Delta supply finished, tested assemblies, ready to integrate into your products.


Cable Assembly Types Include:


• RF-Flexible, Semi-Rigid, Semi-Flex. (Conformable)
• Test-Cables, High-Performance flexible for all test environments.
• Multi-Pin Harness capability.


Cable Assembly Testing Capabilities


• Phase Matching
• Delay Line
• Insertion / Return


Assemblies for all applications:


• Telecom & Networking
• Test & Measurement
• Medical
• Automotive
• Military
• Radar & Communications
• Consumer Electronics













Delta's In-House Electroplating Department


Delta is proud to offer a state-of-the-art automated electroplating facility. Our fully-automated, robotically controlled line has analytical measuring hardware and software at each stage for real time monitoring and adjustment of plating parameters.


    •     Albaloy Plating

    •     Bright Copper Dip

    •     Copper Plating

    •     Gold Plating

    •     Nickel Plating

    •     Passivate Silver Plating

    •     Silver Plating

    •     Sulfamate Nickel Plating



Delta offers Silver plate per military standards or nickel when corrosion resistance is preferred. For applications where nickel can produce intermodulation distortion, we offer optional Albaloy plating. A tin / zinc / copper composite with a bright white finish, the corrosion resistance of nickel, and the low intermodulation distortion of silver plating. Albaloy plating has the same composition as, and is fully compatible with, other commercial plating’s designated Sucoplate, IP-23, White Bronze, and Tri-Alloy.

Collaborate With Delta











We're Approachable

When we say we're approachable here at Delta, it means that our entire team is available to you from our drafters, application engineers, design engineers, and even the Director of Engineering, Bryan Miceli. Collaborating with our engineering team allows you to design with flexibility, whether it’s a dimensional change to accommodate fit and interference to a complete augmented configuration in support of performance criteria, customization is seamless and easy at Delta. Can’t find what you are looking for in our catalogs, please give us a call.



Virtual Design Review

Military  Products

Application engineering, design consultation and collaboration, 2D and 3D modeling to ANSYS® HFSS models are the tools we use in our process to capture and propose a Virtual Design before move to the next phase. It allows you to provide the necessary back up data to support your decision making process. Let Delta take this on our shoulders.

Product Value Integration

Military  Products

Delta has the resources to provide a true value proposition for customers that are looking beyond interconnect. Vertical integration and flexible assembly and manufacturing allow Delta to think three dimensionally eliminating boundaries. From new machine implementation, to second tier operations such as integrated connector housings. Let Delta look deeper and help you implement Product Value Integration.

Verification to Validation

Military  Products

An order is not complete until customers have installed our products effectively. As part of the overall design process, we verify and validate. From review of application notes, to electrical, mechanical and environmental testing. Delta manages the process every step of the way. Experience the Delta Difference.


Our Process

For over 60 years, Delta has embraced advanced technologies and pioneered new approaches to precision manufacturing. Today, our process brings together lean manufacturing and vertical integration to ensure we have total control over manufacturing and the plating processes. This allows us to deliver truly customized solutions, while yielding significant cost-savings and quick turn to market.



Gang Mounts



Gang Mounts - Location, Location, Location


When Real Estate is an issue, Gang Mounts are the ultimate space savers. It could be a space concern on your PCB or backplane, and or, the need to have or deal with misalignment, Delta's Design Solutions are the answer! Multiple RF/Microwave & Millimeter Wave interconnections available in restricted package spacing are now achievable...


    •    Any number of ports.


    •    Any termination type- PCB, edge, surface or cable mount.


    •    Weather sealed interfaces & mounting hardware for external applications.


    •    Horizontal milling capacities to support quick turn to market.


US Headquarters

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.

416 Cabot St.

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Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-927-1060

Fax: 978-922-6430


China Headquarters

Delta Microwave Electronics

(Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

No. 15 Ming Rui Road

Nanjing 211151, China

Phone: +86 25 84195408

Fax: +86 25 84195407



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