Mating Action Types
Threaded Mating: Connectors with threaded mating (screw-on types) employ a jack with external threads and a rotating, internally-threaded coupling nut on plugs. These types can be hand-tightened or, for optimal performance, torqued to specified figures with a wrench. Coupling nuts of threaded connectors may pull off if overtorqued, because the strength of their retaining mechanism is generally less than the force required to strip the mating threads. Some plugs are available with lockwire holes in the plug coupling nut, for wiring mated pairs together after mating in order to prevent loosening under vibration.
Delta connector series with threaded mating include 7/16, GHV, HN, LC and LT, N, SC, SMA, SMC, SMK, SSMC, TNC, TW34, UHF.
Bayonet Mating: Connectors with bayonet-type mating engage initially with a straight push to insert the external studs of the jack into the lands inside the plug coupling nut. The coupling nut is then rotated to seat the studs into a retaining relief in the bottom of the lands. When unmating, the coupling nut must be pushed slightly to unseat the studs from the retaining relief, then rotated and pulled off the jack. Bayonet mating is quick and convenient, and the connectors cannot be unmated accidentally. Some rocking of mated pairs may occur under mechanical stress in series that utilize two studs in the interface; TRB and TPS connectors have a three-stud interface design to prevent rocking.
Delta connector series with bayonet mating include: BNC, C, MHV, TPS, TRB, and TWBNC.
Push-on Mating: Connectors that mate with a straight push and unmate with a straight pull fall into three categories:
Positive-locking types, such as QDS and MiniQDS, feature a spring-loaded collar on the coupling nut which must be retracted to mate or unmate the connectors. In mated condition, the collar prevents the connectors from unmating accidentally.
Snap-on types, such as SMB series, use spring fingers in the plug which snap into a groove on the jack. Snap-on types can be accidentally unmated by pulling on the cable or connector.
Slide-on types, such as G874, simply push together and mating is maintained by spring-finger friction. These types are useful when connectors pairs must be mated and unmated frequently. A version of SMB connectors with slide-on mating is also available.
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