Adapter Types

Adapters within series are used to either to connect cable assemblies or components with incompatible genders, or in mounted configurations to feed through a panel or bulkhead. Using a mounted adapter (instead of a bulkhead or panel mounted cable jack) allows both inside and outside cabling to be disconnected.

Bulkhead adapters can also be hermetically sealed, and many feature mounting gaskets for weatherproofing.

Straight plug-to-jack adapters are also known as "connector savers" and used when a mounted receptacle must be repeatedly mated and unmated for testing. This saves wear on the mounted receptacle's mating end.

Click on these links to see examples of adapter configurations:

Straight Adapters | Right Angle Adapters | Tee adapters

Adapters between series connect cables or devices with incompatible connector series; bulkhead or panel mounted types are used to transition from internal device cabling to other series used to connect the unit to other devices or cable assemblies.

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